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An Equation for Murder Jayne Nichols
An Equation for Murder

Death by Design -- Jayne Nichols
Death by Design

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An Equation For Murder -- Jayne Nichols

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An Equation for Murder -- Release Date – August 24, 2017

A Confident Man • A Beautiful Woman
A Desperate Drug Lord

Lillian Moore, the widow of a retired US Navy Captain, thinks her life adds up to a big fat zero. But she gets more than she counts on when she returns to college and meets her mathematics professor, Sam Weiss. She is looking for adventure, not romance. Especially with someone twelve years her junior.

The adventure goes from complex to deadly when an ancient Mayan Jaguar mask unexpectedly falls into Lillian’s hands. The mask is believed to have supernatural powers, and a dying Mexican drug lord will do whatever it takes to recover the prize—including murder.

While Sam and Lillian calculate the risks of a serious romance, the drug lord sends his henchmen after the mask. Lillian is forced to drive across the border into Mexico with an increasingly unstable captor. Can Sam decipher the clues and reach her in time to save her from certain death, or will they both become part of  An Equation For Murder?

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