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Jayne Nichols Books

An Equation for Murder
Once in a Lifetime
Twice in a Blue Moon
Death by Design
February 10, 2017
An Equation For Murder -- Jayne Nichols
Once In A Lifetime -- Jayne Nichols
Twice In A Blue Moon -- Jayne Nichols Death by Design -- Jayne Nicols
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Jordan Dymes Books

Cold Case Collectibles Series

Eli Drake is a stubborn, self-assured, former Army military policeman turned self subscribed junk picker.  On the other hand, his competitor, Hana Cameron, is an obsessive/compulsive fitness freak with a hot temper, emerald green eyes, and a pair of long, sexy legs he’d like to have wrapped around him.  Unfortunately, she’s only interested in beating him to the best picks to sell in her high end antique store.  Together with his grandfather Thad, her office girl, Gwen, and her uncle Buck, they manage to get themselves embroiled in long-ago cold cases involving their latest finds.

Look for Book One—Press J For Justice—in the Summer of 2018.


Maragret Dymes Books

PATRICK’S ANGEL, Summer of 2019

It is 1903.  Patrick Quinn and spinster Margaret Sutton are both sailing to America, each with a different dream.  Margaret is looking for freedom, Patrick for revenge.  Neither expects to meet the other or to fall in love.  But when Margaret intercedes for the ill man on the ship’s deck, her life takes a sudden turn.  Planning to enter the US illegally, Patrick is searching for the “Jailer” who beat him nearly to death three years ago in an Irish prison.  Margaret wants a baby more than anything, and if Patrick can ignore her plain features long enough to get the job done, perhaps they can help each other. 




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