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Welcome home page

Beverly Hills Winner Book Award

Hello, my name is Jayne Nichols, and I’m so glad you could join us today. By us, I mean Jordan Dymes, Margaret Dymes, and me. Hence the name of our website – Nichols and Dymes. In reality we are all the same person. Kind of like the Three Face of Eve without the personality conflict.

If you like contemporary romance, romantic suspense, perhaps a cold case mystery or two, or even a romantic romp through the early years of the twentieth century, you’ll discover all of that written under one roof and on one computer.  Can you imagine the competition for time at the keyboard?

I’m happy to announce that my latest PET scan shows no more cancer! My wonderful husband, David, and I are definitely relieved. However, through it all, I have kept writing the books you, my devoted readers, have come to expect from me. Both CIRCLE OF LIES, Book One in my new Madrona Point romantic suspense series, and Book Two, CARGO OF FEAR, will be joined by Book Three, BURDEN OF PROOF, on October 18, 2019 on Amazon in which Miranda discovers the identity of her birth father and joins Jonah in his attempt to obtain justice for his murdered father.

I am also adding another book to my ever popular Wish Fulfilled Series. It’s called FOURTH DEGREE OF LOVE and follows Pamela, Will’s jilted fiancée from THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM.

I’ll tell you all about my books plus give you the links to their retailer sites (along with a sneak peak at what’s in the works for Jordan and Margaret) on the Books page.

So, come on in and let me give you a tour of the website.  I love it when readers and other writers come to visit.  Please enjoy the tour and come back again soon – and often.

Jayne's signature

P.S.  Before you leave, I hope you’ll add your name to my preferred mailing list, so I can let you know how we three are getting along and catch you up on any new releases.  You can also follow me on Twitter or Bookbub, friend me on Facebook, or check out what I like to read on Goodreads and the fun things that interest me on Pinterest.




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