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Authors PageJayne Nichols | Jordan Dymes | Margaret Dymes

First on the website tour is our Author Page—the Three Faces of Jayne—as I like to call it.  My photographer was intrigued when I called for a sitting and told him my idea for the portraits.  It was a fun photo shoot—me changing personas, him changing the lighting and style to draw out each different alter ego.  I made his day, and he made mine.

Jayne Nichols pictureJayne Nichols Books

Growing up, I wrote a few things for school—reports and a few creative writing projects for English class—but never really thought about writing novels until after I married my David.  Even then, what little writing I did leaned toward Mystery.  I didn’t discover Romance until my husband and I traveled to Greece.  It was hot—I mean really hot—and we ducked inside the Athens Hilton to bask in their air conditioned gift shop.  I was looking at a rack of paperback books and picked up one entitled Born in Fire by someone named Sarah Hardesty.  I stayed in our air-conditioned hotel room for two days reading that novel nearly non-stop and decided then and there what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I wanted to write Romance.  It wasn’t until I was back home and hunting through a Barnes and Noble for more books by Sarah Hardesty that I learned the author was actually Nora Roberts, and I’d like to thank her for writing that book because reading it certainly turned my life around.

As Jayne Nichols, I write contemporary romance (Wish Fulfilled Series), single title and series romantic suspense (Madrona Point Series), and I love every minute of it—especially now that I can call myself an AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR.  How exciting is that?  Go to the Books page for details.



Jordan Dymes pictureJordan Dymes Books 

I haven’t forgotten my love of a good mystery or a keep-me-turning-the-page thriller.  And Jordan Dymes is my perfect alter ego for writing them.  First up is the Cold Case Collectibles mystery series.  Think American Pickers meets Walker, Texas Ranger and you have the idea.



Margaret DymesMaragret Dymes Books  

I have always loved History.  Any time.  Any era.  As Margaret, I decided to write love stories from the early twentieth century, an era sometimes forgotten, perhaps deliberately as this time period contains two wars, a world-wide depression, and the rise of communism. However, Margaret believes love can be found in the best and the worst of times. Her first novel takes place at the turn of the 20th century where a woman’s search for freedom clashes with a man’s hunger for revenge and sets them on a course toward love.


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