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Cargo of Fear -- Jayne Nichols

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Madrona Point Series

A life-threatening encounter during a domestic disturbance has Undersheriff Jonah Zalesky tossing his cap in the ring to run for Sheriff of Jefferson County—an act that will cast his pregnant wife, Miranda, as the pawn in a deadly bargain. 

Instead of treasure, a salvage boat anchored off shore recovers the dead body of a young, Asian woman, and Jonah arrests Kirby Stoner, the son of his largest campaign donor for the woman’s murder. Furious, Stoner’s father abducts Miranda, then gives Jonah one hour to release his son or face the consequences. With the lives of his wife and unborn child at stake, Jonah must seek help from the salvage boat’s diver—the one man from Miranda’s past she had hoped never to see again.

But even working together, will they be able to save her in time?

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5.0 out of 5 stars - Thrilling, fast-paced murder mystery and hot romance!
M D - March 4, 2019

Cargo of Fear continues the love story of Miranda and Jonah in this thrilling, fast-paced murder mystery along with a bit of hot romance. The plot revolves around a young Asian woman found dead in the opening scene, then carefully weaves a tale that draws you into the story. With a sinister plot that builds to a final, satisfying ending, Jayne Nichols leaves you with one unexpected, final twist at the end that makes you hope for another installment in this series.

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