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Death by Design -- Jayne Nicols


Death by Design

Release Date – February 10, 2017

A gripping romantic thriller from award winning author, Jayne Nichols.

What if you suddenly inherited the controlling share in a multi-million dollar empire? What if that business produced the stuff of most men’s wildest fantasies? Would you turn your life upside down, move across the country to live the dream, or would you cash out?

Jimmy Martin, the only heir to his grandfather’s estate, is an Arizona cowboy who taunts two thousand pound bulls for a living. What does he know about women’s designer swimwear? With the exception of enjoying the view, that is.

When Bailey Saunders arrives from Atlanta with the legal papers he needs to sign, including a mysterious offer to buy out his share, Jimmy finds himself falling for her, landing harder than from any bull he’s ever ridden. Deciding to take a look at his inheritance, Jimmy enters Bailey’s world, only to discover he’s stepped into a far more dangerous arena than the one he’s left behind. Greed and betrayal wait around every corner. So does murder.

Can Jimmy survive? Will he be able to keep Bailey and her son safe? Or will his own dreams be shattered by a coldhearted killer bent on getting him out of the business—permanently?

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