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Fourth Degree of Love -- Jayne Nichols

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Fourth Degree of Love

The first draught serveth for health, the second for pleasure, the third for shame, the fourth for madness.  – Anacharis

Rough and wild American soccer player meets prim and proper British horsewoman. Object: Mutual benefit. He needs respectability; she needs money.

Pamela Hammond is sick of recycled names such as Richard, Charles, William, Henry, and John in her life. She wants a wild man – one who would be satisfied with a woman from a fine, but fiscally strapped family. Until that miracle occurs, Pamela must keep things going financially for herself and her aging mother. With no other option available, she decides to sell her champion show horse and thus lose her chance to train him and ride in the Olympic Games.

Anton Vysiq is an American soccer player who has recently joined a British team. He is arrogant, wild, wealthy, and according to his team mates and coaches, lacking integrity.  Warnings have been issued. Needing to both shelter his money and gain some respectability, he purchases Pamela’s horse. Because he knows next to nothing about the sport, he hires her to continue training the animal and ride him in the Olympic Games.

Both Anton and Pamela are driven to win in their respective sports.  Can two such total opposites meet at the center line and keep their heads without falling into the fourth degree of love?

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5.0 out of 5 stars – A hero so real he leaps off the page

Always a fan of Jayne Nichols’ romances, especially her strong heroines and intriguing heroes. This fourth book is another winner in the Wish Fulfilled series.  Loved this book.

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