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Once in a Lifetime

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Twice in a Blue Moon

Third Time's A Charm
Third Times a Charm

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Death by Design -- Jayne Nicols

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Third Time's a Charm

Cherise Johnson is tired of Minnesota’s relentless cold and the continuous stream of men who use and abuse her.  Problem is, she’s played the man game for so long she can’t see the real thing, even when it hits her in the rear.  Of her car, that is.  William Keaton is looking for his hotel when his car crashes into hers during a blinding snow storm.  Cherise is ready for a life change and hopes the handsome Brit’s interest in her extends beyond the damage to her car.

But Will has managed to avoid a wedding ring on two previous occasions.  He’s returned home from his final tour of duty in Afghanistan with a hand injury that has ended his surgical career.  He’s not looking for love or sympathy.  He needs someone to help him manage a small hospital back home in England and thinks Cherise might be perfect for the job.

Will may not think he’s ready for love, but Cherise is determined to prove there is truth in the old adage — THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM.

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5.0 out of 5 stars - Steamy Romance
Kathryn M Weech - April 20, 2018

As she did in the first two books of her trilogy, the author, Jayne Nichols, quickly drew me into the story of Cherise and Will. I was immediately flying through the pages totally engulfed in the lives of these characters and wanting to know what was going to happen next. If you enjoy an easy read and steamy romance, you will enjoy this book. I really enjoyed it and am sure you will too. I received an Advanced Reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review.

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